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The faster your company is able to complete the rate case process, the sooner a new rate goes into place. To speed up the process, regulatory stakeholders need to be able to monitor ROE throughout the year. They need tools that allow them to consider multiple investment strategies and determine the best time to go in for a rate case. 

PowerPlan makes it easy. By streamlining the flow of information among all stakeholders in the regulatory process, PowerPlan helps companies make better decisions, reduce regulatory lag and improve regulatory performance.

VP / Director, Regulatory Affairs

You’re responsible for improving your company’s credibility with regulators. To do that, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of changing rules and regulations, and in the case of an audit, you need to have the documentation to defend your company’s decisions and practices. 

Traditional methods of preparing for rate cases are time consuming and inconsistent. The more time the regulatory team spends chasing down financial anomalies and preparing the case, the less they’re able to focus on maximizing returns. Because the process for capturing business rules, allocations and adjustments varies across jurisdictions, it’s difficult to keep regulatory policies up to date in the system. As a result, your company can struggle to leverage or even adhere to new regulations. 

PowerPlan makes it easy to prepare a rock solid rate case. By automating and systematizing your regulatory process, PowerPlan strengthens your credibility with regulators, keeps you on top of changing regulations, and increases the speed and efficiency of your processes.


PowerPlan Suites for Regulatory 

Built on a powerful strategic corporate performance management platform that integrates with existing ERP and EAM systems, PowerPlan tracks critical financial data in extreme detail to give you the clarity you need to make confident decisions. Solution suites specific to your department include: 

  • Rate Case and ROE Management Suite: Proactively manage complex rate case processes with more time to react to business changes and make adjustments through fast and accurate insight into regulatory financials.
  • Asset Investment Planning and Management Suite: A powerful decision support tool that gives you a clear line of sight between your capital plan and strategic corporate objectives.
  • Capital Planning and Forecasting Suite: Get better insight into capital, operations and maintenance projects and the data to drive smarter, more confident future project plans.
  • Project Portfolio Cost Management Suite: Gain better control over your project costs by automating previously tedious tasks, reducing data entry errors and automatically staying up to date on project closes and new asset creation.
  • Insights Analytics and Reporting Suite: Spend less time collecting and formatting critical financial data and more time gaining actionable insights for faster and more confident decision-making.

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