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Accounting teams need real-time access to information from operations in order to track assets, produce detailed reports for regulatory, tax and other departments, and make strategic decisions. PowerPlan automatically captures and stores this information at a granular level on a central platform that’s accessible to key decision makers.

Chief Accounting Officer / Controller

Your job is to maximize cash flow. You need to be able to stand behind your financials with confidence, and ensure all ledger accounts, financial statements and cost controls are operating effectively. But getting complete, detailed and accurate financial reports can be a painfully slow process. Traditional methods make it impossible to effectively account for, and leverage, all of a company’s fixed assets. Getting key decision makers, auditors and regulators the financial information they need can be an ongoing struggle. Without the insights you need to optimize performance, cash flow is compromised, money is left on the table, and you dread the prospect of an audit.

PowerPlan streamlines the process enabling you to move cash faster, manage costs better, and increase the speed and accuracy of financial reporting. PowerPlan ensures you are better able to estimate the impact of rules and regulations on financials so you can make informed and accurate decisions that support your organization's strategy. 

Solution: Fixed Asset Accounting Suite

Director of Lease Accounting

You’re responsible for managing your organization’s accounting of leases and adopting the new lease accounting standards (ASC 842 and IFRS 16). You are feeling the shifting burden of tracking leases from other departments to the accounting group. Still, you will have to work with multiple departments like budgeting, tax and regulatory to ensure alignment for the standards. Meanwhile, your organization has likely encountered 2-5x the number of leases you expected – multiplying your compliance challenge.

PowerPlan supports your success with the new lease standards. The Lease Accounting solution simplifies the full lease accounting lifecycle. The solution fulfills multiple accounting treatments, including GAAP, FERC and IFRS. It’s helped organizations manage lease accounting for over 15 years, providing full support for compliance with the FASB and IASB standards and forecasting your optimal adoption strategy.

Solution: Lease Accounting Suite

Manager of Fixed Asset Accounting

You’re responsible for making sure your company complies with new accounting rules and regulations. At the same time, you need to optimize the accounting treatment of projects and assets. Traditional asset accounting methods can make it almost impossible to properly consider, account for and leverage all the assets across a large organization. Slow and inefficient processes turn monthly and year-end close into a scramble to avoid leaving money on the table.

With PowerPlan, you can simplify the process by automating key accounting activities, including asset creation, calculation of interest and overhead, and retirement processes. It integrates financial data and systems down to sub-ledger charge details, which can accelerate month-end close by up to 40%. It provides automated oversight, relieving field personnel of accounting decisions and improving accuracy. And it ensures regulatory compliance by simultaneous accounting, tracking and reporting for CGAA and IFRS. 

Solution: Fixed Asset Accounting Suite


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“We reduced regulatory lag by over two months with more efficient data prep and cost of service models, resulting in millions of savings.”

– Director of Regulatory Accounting

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"We were aiming for a 10% ROI. PowerPlan brings so much expertise they delivered a 200% ROI on the project. They’ve gone above and beyond."

- VP, EQT Corp.

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