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You have to stand behind your numbers. You shouldn't also have to sweat and lose sleep.

PowerPlan. With Clarity Comes Confidence.

We live in uncertain times. Regulations and rules change daily. Globalization adds even more complexity. How can you be sure your organization is compliant, and you have the right financial information you need to make the best decisions? More than 200 companies, across multiple industries, count on PowerPlan’s strategic corporate performance management software and expertise for the financial clarity they need to be confident in their business decisions. 

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The Secret to Managing Strategic Corporate Performance isn’t Exactly a Secret. We’ve Done it for Over 20 Years.

Since 1994, PowerPlan has been a leader in strategic corporate performance management, helping asset-intensive businesses optimize their financial performance and achieve regulatory compliance. PowerPlan is a deeply powerful insight machine, backed by the expertise and support of team members in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia.


Get Everyone in your Company on the Same Virtual Page.

PowerPlan’s award-winning integrated platform gives key stakeholders in accounting, tax, finance, operations, IT and regulatory the clarity they need to make decisions that improve corporate performance. PowerPlan layers complex regulatory requirements with granular financial and operational data from every corner of your organization into a single source of defensible and auditable information.