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Australia and New Zealand Experience Increasing Demand for Asset Investment Optimization and Lease Accounting Software Solutions

ATLANTA – (4 October 2018) – Asset intensive organisations in Oceania have turned to software solutions to enable their investment planning, operations, accounting and tax teams to quickly meet new regulatory compliance standards and strategically plan for future regulatory changes. Due to this high demand, PowerPlan, Inc. has opened a new office in Melbourne, Australia.

The new lease accounting standard, AASB 16 Leases which takes effect in Australia beginning 1 January 2019 has created a particular need for PowerPlan’s Lease Accounting solution and local field experts. In addition to helping organisations with their lease accounting compliance, PowerPlan is used by asset intensive organisations across the region to optimize their asset investment planning and the management of their overall asset portfolio by implementing PowerPlan’s Asset Investment Optimization solution. “If you’re looking to implement a sophisticated and programmatic approach to asset management, PowerPlan is a great solution,” said Ross Goggin, Asset Strategist at Evoenergy.

PowerPlan’s Australia office opened in August 2018, though the company has had presence in the region since 2012. “We are committed to our customers’ success and to supporting our global customer base. The addition of our Melbourne office will further strengthen our service capabilities in the fast-growing market.” said Brent Burns, Chief Operation Officer of PowerPlan. To learn more about PowerPlan and its locations, please visit: https://powerplan.com/about-us/offices.