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PowerPlan Connect Enabling Technologies

A family of APIs, adapters and automation solutions ...

that integrate and connect customers to the larger Cloud ecosystem; while easing the transition from On-Prem to Cloud or SaaS Solutions through stable, transparent and supported tools.

Realize the full potential of your PowerPlan investment with our growing suite of data integration, data extraction and process automation tools.

PowerPlan clients need integration solutions that work seamlessly with ERP, EAM and WMS platforms, integration middleware and BI tools, and won’t break every time something in your ecosystem is updated. You also need tools that support your broader data strategy, minimize integration risk and help your teams automate manual processes. Wherever you are in your journey to the cloud, our Connect solutions give companies the control and automation you need to combine data across platforms and gain true insight into your business.


Data Hub

Data Hub APIs make it easy to deliver valued and trusted PowerPlan data to systems, users and groups. It includes comprehensive and intuitive data sets accessed via web services you call from your spreadsheet and data visualization apps, data warehouses or other systems.

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Integration Hub

Your ultimate solution for PowerPlan integrations ranging from connecting to cloud-based systems to eliminating database links and custom integrations.

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Workflow Process Automation

Introduce transparency and increase your confidence in running complex processes by leveraging automation that provides control and transparency. Empower the team to move your business forward with higher-value productivity by reducing time spent on manual and repetitive work.  

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PowerPlan Adapters perform multiple functions to exchange transactions and data seamlessly with named enterprise resource planning (ERP) or work management systems (WMS).  They work bidirectionally to add rich PowerPlan transaction detail to other key systems to help streamline business processing by allowing each system to focus on what it does best. 

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