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Planning & Budgeting

Better data, better decisions. 

Ensure your entire planning lifecycle is aligned with your organization's priority objectives, from the long-term asset investment plan and nearer term capital and departmental budget, all the way to the monthly forecast based on actuals to date. Lend greater confidence and accuracy to your financial, tax, and regulatory planning, with easy and efficient tools and built-in industry-specific calculations. 


Capital Budgeting & Forecasting

Offering robust functionality to handle the entire lifecycle of project cost management. Budget versions track each change, and multiple versions can be compared to one another, to actuals, or to commitments. Projects that span multiple years can be managed in a way that makes sense for both Operations and Financial Planning. The strong relationship between budgets and individual projects/work orders, as well as the downstream assets, is maintained to improve your analysis and metrics tracking. 

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Departmental Budgeting

A central location for developing and maintaining operating budgets for each department, including total labor. Budgeted transactions adhere to a configurable level of detail to improve comparisons between budgets and actuals as well as integration with your capital budget. Our allocations engine mimics the actual allocations and provides for what-if analysis and outlook or expectancy calculations. Track multiple versions of the budget and balance total labor with the Capital Budget. 

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Project Cost Management

PowerPlan’s Project Cost Management solution enables the capturing of the granular cost detail needed for accounting while minimizing the administrative burden on operations to maximizing efficiency while ensuring transparency, compliance and tracking over the asset’s life. 

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Asset Investment Planning

Optimize your organization’s value and risk by leveraging asset lifecycle strategies tied to risk and value frameworks. Layer in new construction and development needs and optimize your enterprise capital project portfolios to minimize risk within your CAPEX, OPEX and labor constraints over your planning horizon.  

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