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Project, Asset & Lease Accounting

PowerPlan's project, asset and lease accounting solutions deliver a high-quality, granular data foundation.

This foundation provides control over complex industry-specific accounting, tax and regulatory compliance and optimization strategies to native project and work breakdown structure elements.  

Automate your data gathering and spend more time on compliance and analysis.

Tracking, managing and optimizing data about fixed assets, from creation to retirement, can be an ongoing challenge. PowerPlan’s Project, Asset & Lease Accounting Suite was purpose-built to enhance the information in any ERP or EAM system. The integrated solution allows you to take accounting out of the field, automates specialized accounting activities, and gives you confidence in complex calculation processing. 


Project & Fixed Asset Accounting

Takes accounting out of the field and allows for accurate tracking of costs throughout the project and asset lifecycles, providing data to support and comply with regulatory recovery and tax optimization. 

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Lease Accounting

Facilitates the accurate and consistent calculation of income statement and balance sheet accounting impacts associated with lessee and lessor accounting.  

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Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) Accounting

Offers robust functionality for the accounting and lifecycle of all retirement obligation types in compliance with ASC 410-20. 

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Depreciation Studies

Provides a full set of industry standard statistical tools used in forecasting asset service lives, salvage and removal costs, as well as in calculating annual depreciation accrual rates and determining reserve adequacy.   

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Reimbursables & Refunds

Centralized location to automate the end-to-end workflow of reimbursable projects and work orders for billing purposes as well as support advance contracts and refunds.  

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