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Rate Case Support

If you are rate-regulated, you know regulatory outcomes are key to the financial health of your organization.

Regulatory automation and collaboration tools accelerate the filing process and thus cash-flow, while enhancing credibility and auditability. Automated data gathering and periodic reporting analyze the ideal timing to file, or monitor your earned vs. approved ROE results across customer classes to identify leakage and ensure optimal recovery. 


Regulatory Reporting for Accounting

Streamline your company’s FERC Form and state reporting data preparation through automation of the financial to regulatory transformation. Increase transparency with built-in data validation and reconciliation. 

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Revenue Requirement Analysis

Model cost-of-service supporting regulatory and financial planning, prepare and submit a rate case, or analyze regulatory performance throughout your fiscal period.  Take advantage of a user-friendly data transformation from financial to a jurisdictional view, including allocations, and user defined cost-of-service calculations of your forecasts or actuals. 

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Regulatory Monitoring Solution

Transform your accounting data including allocations and isolation of certain costs to meet regulatory cost recovery and reporting requirements.  From rider modeling for a few work orders to a complex plant-in-service cost deferral mechanism, elevate your accountants and analysts by focusing on value-added work. 

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