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El Paso Selects PowerPlan’s Patent Pending Regulatory Management Solution

To help maximize the company’s investment for their future

Atlanta (May 17, 2016) PowerPlan, the leading provider of regulatory, budgeting and tax solutions for asset-centric businesses, announces the El Paso Electric Company (EPE) licenses the patent pending Regulatory Management Suite (RMS).

Over the past several years, EPE has made consistent investments in its infrastructure for the future helping to provide reliable and safe power for the company’s growing service territory. As a part of this investment process, company leaders and regulators require greater understanding into these strategic investments and how they impact customer rates. Company leaders also need frequent and proactive insights into how they are performing versus their regulatory plan, and the ability to quickly run what-if scenarios to determine the impact of various alternatives.

“As a regional utility serving customers in two different jurisdictional territories, PowerPlan will assist our teams by proactively managing our processes and measuring our performance based on our specific regulatory needs,” said Nathan Hirschi, SVP and CFO at EPE. “This new tool will also enable us to submit rate cases more efficiently and with greater accuracy which benefits all stakeholders.”

PowerPlan’s RMS integrated platform translates and applies regulatory methodologies to financial information based on individual jurisdictional requirements. This enables users to access the same regulatory data, run what-if scenarios and benchmark against historical or planned results. By providing all stakeholders with access to the same, real-time information, redundancies and errors are eliminated and overall productivity is improved.

For more information about PowerPlan’s Regulatory Management Suite, read here.