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Free Resources from Water Asset Management Online Conference

ATLANTA – (November 20, 2019) – The Fall 2019 Series One of the Water Asset Management Conference focused on how water utility leaders can confidently manage their assets in a digital world.  

Water utilities are limited with a finite pool of resources, but an abundance of project ideas. Many organizations rely on subjective planning processes based on intuition and experience of a few team members, and thus struggle to account for real-life portfolio decisions, weighing projects with entirely different benefits like business value, reliability and environmental impact. As a simple question, how does an organization balance their infrastructure investments to support future expansion while maintaining current infrastructure?

Through applying a transparent and consistent framework for prioritizing investments within and across different departments and lines of business organizations can achieve a more effective method for evaluating investment tradeoffs. They gain confidence in their capital plans and optimize ROI across their portfolio.  

Learn how technology can help objectify elements like risk and value to simplify and standardize capital allocation in this free on-demand webinar hosted by the Fall 2019 Water Asset Management Conference. To view the webinar at your convenience, visit the archived Fall 2019 Series here:, and view Session 1: Asset Management in a World of Digital Infrastructure.