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Free Whitepaper on How the District of Columbia Identified and Addressed Gaps in its Funding for Capital Infrastructure

A Long-Range Planning Best Practice by the District of Columbia details the initiative undertaken by the Office of the CFO

ATLANTA – (March 30, 2017) – PowerPlan, the leading provider of asset investment planning software, announces a free whitepaper highlighting the District of Columbia. 

The paper, titled Capital Asset Management: A Long-Range Planning Best Practice by the District of Columbia, details how the District of Columbia determined and addressed its capital infrastructure funding gap, a challenge faced by many state, local and county governments across the globe. 

Managing capital asset investments is critical to reducing risk of a major calamity as well as realizing more value from these important assets. This requires organizations to inventory their assets, assess their status, and estimate future maintenance, upgrade or replacement costs. The ongoing process implemented by the Office of the CFO for the District of Columbia is a case study on how organizations can tackle the infrastructure investment challenge. 

Download the free whitepaper now