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PowerPlan Presents Customer Awards at ELEVATE 2023 Annual User Conference

ATLANTA – (October 26, 2023) – PowerPlan, Inc., a leading provider of financial software and solutions for the energy industry, just concluded ELEVATE 2023, its company-sponsored user conference, in San Diego, CA. This year’s conference highlighted over 70 sessions, including roundtables and panels with some of the industry’s top executives, customer-led case studies, as well as focused best practice presentations designed to help tax and accounting teams extract maximum value from their PowerPlan solutions.  The conference also provided unique industry networking opportunities, exclusive insights into the PowerPlan product roadmap, and strategies for employing PowerPlan’s enabling technologies.

ELEVATE 2023 also included an Award Ceremony held in an October 24 General Session, recognizing PowerPlan clients who have used the technology to achieve outstanding business results, transform processes, tackle challenging business problems, aided in innovative processes, and contributed significantly to PowerPlan’s client-driven product advancements.  Five awards were presented during the ceremony, with the categories and their respective winners in the following:

Customer Achievement Award - Recognizes a PowerPlan client that has used PowerPlan technology to accomplish outstanding results, transformative departmental successes, revenue growth or other high-impact success based on the client’s self-defined KPIs and business objectives.

            Winner: Evergy

Innovator of the Year – Spotlights an innovative PowerPlan client, team or individual user who has successfully introduced new ideas, solutions, or processes using PowerPlan solutions, or whose unique ideas have prompted product innovations, new features or enhancements that have been integrated into the product for the benefit of all users.

            Winner: Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline

Transformation Award - Recognizes a company that has taken advantage of PowerPlan technologies to automate burdensome business processes, simplify complex workflows or enhance existing processes in a way that the client self-defines as transformative to its operations and reporting abilities.

            Winner: American Water

Impact Award – Recognizes a client whose participation in one of PowerPlan’s many beta programs, strategic initiatives or product or service enhancements was integral to the successful completion or implementation of that initiative by the PowerPlan product innovation team.

           Winner: Puget Sound Energy

Collaborator Award – Spotlights a PowerPlan client who exemplifies client-vendor partner collaboration and cooperation across business functions and project teams, working towards a shared goal and displaying outstanding group effort during an upgrade, implementation or other complex PowerPlan project.

           Winner: Exelon

“The ELEVATE Customer Awards are an opportunity for us to honor our customers in front of their peers for innovation, transformation and collaboration that may otherwise go unsung,” explains Jim Dahlby, PowerPlan’s Senior Vice President of Customer Support and Success. “Our clients and their business needs drive everything we do. They often teach us new things and present ideas that can benefit the entire industry. It’s an honor to be able to recognize them in this setting.”

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PowerPlan’s next ELEVATE conference will be held October 2025 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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