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Strategic Companies Leverage PowerPlan to Maintain Compliance Throughout Tax Reform

PowerPlan, a leading provider of strategic corporate performance software, helps companies maintain compliance during times of changing federal and state tax regulations.

Companies of all sizes want to make certain they are meeting the requirements of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act while making the optimal financial decisions for their organizations. PowerPlan’s Income Tax Suite was purpose-built so as tax laws change users can make updates to their financial forecasts without custom configuration. Additionally, integrating with the full PowerPlan solution enables companies to forecast the implications to their property tax and rate base calculations. This is completed with an auditable trail of all changes to assist with the increased scrutiny that arises from variations in financial results due to updated legislation.

PowerPlan addresses the needs of traditional corporations and companies with complex partnerships, including Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). The solution helps companies mitigate compliance risk, improve tax department efficiency, support rigorous tax audits, optimize tax strategies and manage cash flow.

For more information on how your organization can be both tax aggressive and confidently compliant, download this free whitepaper here.