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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Clarifications Require Adjustments by Financial Leaders, Impacting Financial Decisions

ATLANTA –(October 15, 2019) –At the beginning of the year, there were already over 550 pages of clarifications around tax reform. As the end of the year approaches, proposed regulations continue to be clarified, also continuing to create stress for leaders of organizations of all sizes.

With evolving precision around the regulations over the last two years, CFOs and tax leaders may still find themselves stressed out as they try to adjust, forecast and adjust again as regulations are further defined. “Having a system in place that will help make and evaluate the unavoidable changes is the first line of defense to alleviatethe pressure,” said Phil Zegarelli, Vice President of Strategic Consulting at PowerPlan.

For specific industries, like utilities, they continue to wait for clarity for complex tax scenarios like the normalization of excess deferred taxes. As they wait for final rules, an automated tax solution can help organizations determine where they standand prepare for the complex process of compliance.

To learn more about the clarifications around the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and why your tax team may be feeling the pressurenow more than ever, read PowerPlan’s new white paper, “And, You Thought TheTax Cuts and Jobs Act Made 2017 Stressful!” here: http://bit.ly/2Mq4RZx.