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PowerPlan Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

For 30 years, PowerPlan has helped asset intensive companies make the right financial decisions around infrastructure and modernization investment, while optimizing compliance, strategic decision making and financial performance.

Today, PowerPlan continues helping utilities with their quality of project and fixed asset accounting data for optimized financial, tax and regulatory outcomes. 

30th Anniversary Timeline


PowerPlan is founded by four industry experts who recognize that improving the richness and quality of project and fixed asset accounting data could move utilities beyond just "compliance" and dramatically improve their financial, tax and regulatory outcomes.


PowerTax launches, automating compliance and optimization of tax depreciation and deferred taxes for its first 3 customers.


Project and Asset Accounting begins, shifting accounting focus from just compliance to unlocking asset value realization across accounting, tax and regulatory.


CR is introduced, revolutionizing best practice Cost of Removal recognition.  

Depreciation Studies is released providing more automation and current analysis to a major driver of revenue recovery.


Property Tax commences, streamlining compliance and optimizing property tax basis.

Lease Accounting is unveiled, providing one solution for both owned and leased assets.


Tax Provision launches, leveraging PowerTax's rich property-related tax data to incorporate regulatory calculations with traditional income tax accruals.

The 100th Client is added, and PowerPlan becomes the de facto software standard in the utility industry.


Budgeting and Project Cost Management launches, improving multi-year budgeting and forecasting accuracy.


PowerPlan's SAP Adapter for ECC is certified, providing consistent, proven integration between PowerPlan and SAP for PowerPlan's rapidly growing base of utilities using SAP.


Tax Repairs is released, automating strategic management and capture of all entitled deductions related to repairs of tangible property.


Regulatory Solution begins, helping customers respond to the increased regulatory scrutiny and pace of rate cases, and the proliferation of forecast test years, riders and other alternative rate-making approaches. This reduces regulatory lag and enables better regulatory outcomes.


SAP S/4 Adapter is unveiled as part of SAP Partnership.


Roper Technologies acquires PowerPlan, providing a long-term home in its niche software portfolio.


Workflow Process Automation (WPA) is released. An Intuitive SaaS workflow designer and automation engine, WPA automates virtually any Powerplan process, workflow decision point, approval and job. This increases the customer's financial transparency and auditability with complete tracking of every workflow's execution.


Tax Fixed Assets (TFA) launches. PowerPlan's next-generation SaaS income tax depreciation and deferred tax solution. TFA is designed specifically for the demanding reporting requirements utility and energy companies face in meeting the constantly changing regulatory and compliance landscape.

Data Hub is unveiled. PowerPlan's library of data APIs allows customers from any environment to easily access, analyze and distribute their data to their system of choice such as business intelligence tools or data lakes, as well as access it through end user applications like Microsoft Excel and PowerBI.


Online customer training escalates with the growth of The Learning Portal and on Demand instruction. Regulatory iniatives expand, and PowerPlan's website gets a new look.

30 Years of PowerPlan Success

PowerPlan 30th Anniversary Infographic