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SAP and Maximo Adapters

Handle end-to-end integration requirements between PowerPlan and named systems in your ecosystem.

PowerPlan Adapters perform functions to exchange transactions and data seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) or work management systems (WMS).  They work bidirectionally to add PowerPlan transaction detail to other key systems helping streamline business processing by allowing each system to focus on what it does best. 


Maximize the Value from Your Integration.

Reduce Integration Costs

Seamless integration between PowerPlan’s core solutions and SAP or Maximo eliminates the need for customization and in turn reduces IT cost.

Optimize Technical Performance

A standard solution for on-premise and cloud environments that improves performance, stability and scalability of adapter architecture, with the additional advantage of simplified upgrades.

Improve Financial Performance

Delivers sophisticated asset-centric accounting capabilities that help automate the entire asset lifecycle, resulting in greater cash flow and cost management while improving compliance and lowering audit risk. 

PowerPlan Adapter for SAP S/4HANA 

PowerPlan complements ERP systems with granular, data-driven insights, providing the clarity corporate performance decision-makers need to make confident, auditable financial decisions that comply with ever-changing regulations. With PowerPlan’s Adapter for SAP S/4HANA companies will have a seamless, integrated IT environment, which means increased performance, improved productivity and greater transparency into financial data. 

PowerPlan Maximo Adapter 

Designed to take accounting out of operations, the PowerPlan Maximo Adapter lets your field personnel focus on what they do best – their operation work, not accounting.  Maximo customers in asset-intensive industries are often forced to configure their work orders to meet complex accounting needs. As a result, they often miss valuable tax deductions related to cost of removal, retirements and tax repairs, potentially costing millions a year in additional taxes.

With PowerPlan’s adapter, Maximo can be configured to match how field personnel do their work, while PowerPlan does the heavy lifting to breakdown and manage the business’ complex accounting requirements that maximize financial performance.

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