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Data Hub

Unlock the full power of your PowerPlan data.

Data Hub APIs make it easy to deliver valued and trusted PowerPlan data to systems, users and groups. It includes comprehensive and intuitive data sets accessed via web services that you can call directly from spreadsheet and data visualization apps, data warehouses or other systems.


Connects data to technology and people to insight.

Tool Agnostic

Use your preferred tools—user apps and data warehouses—to directly request read-only data from your PowerPlan solution.  

Data Without SQL

OData protocol makes data easily requestable and consumable by users from tools such as Excel, Power BI and data warehouses.​

Trusted Data

Data is expertly curated by PowerPlan. All stakeholders use one data resource built by the experts.  

Intuitive & Comprehensive

Organization of data that is intuitive to use. Empowers more stakeholders to focus on getting the most out of the data.  

Standardized Data Extraction

As a supported solution on the PowerPlan roadmap, the risks, burden and costs of custom extractions are eliminated.

SaaS delivery

Easy deployment and regularly updated to add more data. A trusted platform for information and data security with SOC2 certification.  

Data Hub extracts data from your PowerPlan solution and transforms it into easy-to-access and easy-to-use data. 

Data Hub makes it easy for end users or IT to access data without having to know SQL or have specialized database knowledge. It operates as a web service of read-only REST APIs that you call to request data. Data Hub data is always current or refreshed regularly to meet the analysis and reporting needs of your organization. 

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