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Integration Hub

Your ultimate solution for connecting PowerPlan to cloud-based systems and reducing your reliance on database links and custom integrations.​

As part of our PowerPlan Connect family of enabling technologies, Integration Hub facilitates connections between PowerPlan and other systems. Built intentionally to integrate and connect customers to the larger cloud ecosystem, Integration Hub makes it easy to transition from on-premise to cloud-hosted or SaaS solutions with a stable and transparent integration tool for any environment.


Ideal for organizations with evolving integration needs.


Compatible with both on-premise and cloud-hosted PowerPlan systems using standard REST-based architecture.


Move away from unsustainable customizations and streamline communication between systems you have today and ones you may bring online in the future.

Future Proof

Eliminates the need to rework integrations as on-premise solutions are moved to the PowerPlan cloud or upgraded to future PowerPlan SaaS solutions.


Endpoints use a clearly documented, intuitively labeled and transparent data framework that is versioned to let you quickly connect PowerPlan to other systems.


Endpoint URLs are customer specific and require authentication. All data is fully encrypted in transit.

Reduce burden on your IT team and improve efficiency, while having the freedom and control of a self-service model. 

Makes it easy to support the movement of data on a recurring basis and reduces the need for time-consuming, costly support fixes or additional scopes of work, while giving you more control over PowerPlan integration points. 

Prevent surprises or system breaks when upgrading the APIs, PowerPlan or integrated applications.

PowerPlan APIs can be upgraded independently, further reducing the maintenance burden and risk of unexpected disruptions when there are needed changes with PowerPlan or any of your integrated systems.

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