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Workflow Process Automation

Get more control, reliability and traceability through business process automation.

Increase your confidence in running complex processes by leveraging automation that provides control and transparency. Empower your team to move the business forward with higher-value productivity by reducing time spent on manual and repetitive work. ​


Maximize your resources for optimal results.

Improve Process Cycle Time

Automatically run workflow schedules, workflow decision points, approvals and jobs while expediting interventions and reducing slack caused by manual handoffs. 

Reduce Risk of Error

Consistency is achieved through clearly defined processes that run the same every time and never miss a step to keep PowerPlan running smoothly. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Define business processes once and apply them to multiple companies, based on their unique schedules and dependencies. 

Design Workflows Easily

Intuitive workflow designer lets PowerPlan users quickly build the workflows they need without requiring any coding or assistance from IT.

Increase Transparency

Gain visibility into detailed steps and execution tracking. Execution status is displayed for quick review, enhanced with notifications for items that need attention. 

Simplify Audits

When you need to know what happened, WPA makes sure all steps are visible and documented for every single run including who was notified and responded to requests for input.

Workflow Process Automation provides fast, reliable and accurate processing.

PowerPlan’s Workflow Process Automation solution was designed to help our clients address these challenges and bring greater transparency and speed to repetitive processes. Operating an easy-to-use workflow builder, users can automate the sequencing of process steps, apply configured validation criteria, generate reports and notify users when necessary; improving the quality of their accounting and budget processing, report distribution and integration while freeing team members for other analysis and exception resolution.

Trusted by the world's largest energy industry leaders.

"PowerPlan WPA automated the manual steps in our close process based on pre-determined thresholds, alerting us if something needs attention. This ensures our critical activities kickoff with minimum manual intervention." 

Team Lead of Property Accounting    |   

Large Regulated Utility

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