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Property Tax
Built for Asset-Intensive Companies

Are you sure that your company is paying the right amount in property taxes?​

The more assets a company has across different geographies, the more complex and challenging it is to manage relevant property tax information. PowerPlan’s Property Tax Suite simplifies this process for asset-intensive companies by enabling property tax basis optimization while minimizing risk. PowerPlan automates the full property tax cycle, from preparing returns to tracking assessments to paying bills and calculating accruals. With flexibility to handle both locally and centrally assessed property, PowerPlan drives both increased tax savings and productivity gains within the tax department.​

Comprehensive functionality for a more efficient property tax solution.

State and Local Jurisdiction Return Forms

With more than 450 state and local forms in its robust forms library and the application’s ability to support adding or updating forms, Property Tax offers your team flexibility without sacrificing results.​

Allocations to Tax Districts

Assign locations to tax districts and leverage GIS or grid system data via integrations. Use allocation statistics (e.g., pole miles, customers, track miles, etc.) to easily allocate property across geographic areas.​ 

Automated Basis Adjustments

Effectively minimize taxable basis through manual and automated adjustments. When partnered with PowerPlan Asset Accounting solutions, this functionality becomes even more powerful.​

Returns Process Workflow

Flexible returns workflow leads to faster processing times to allow tax professionals to focus on more strategic activities.

Bill and Payment Processing

Manage high-volume billing and reduce risk for overpayment with systematic data validations and ability to create check requests or interface directly with Accounts Payable (AP).

Compliance Calendar

Avoid costly late penalties and stay on top of key deadlines with a centralized calendar view of all key property events that allows for quick action on upcoming tasks.

Use GIS Data to Better Manage Property Taxes.

This PowerPlan white paper reviews how utilities of all sizes can improve their assets visibility for property tax payment with detailed GIS information.

How To Better Manage Property Taxes By Leveraging GIS Data

Quantified Results: Customer Case Study

$ 30 B
Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E)

Starting plant basis driving large property tax liability.

$ 200 M
Automated Tax Exclusions

Basis reductions easily identified through PowerPlan Asset cost elements.

$ 500 M
Additional Property Tax Deductions

Incremental basis adjustments easily applied and tracked.​

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