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Tax Fixed Assets

As strategic partners in the Office of the CFO, tax teams have enormous impact on cash flow and the income statement.​

In addition to stringent compliance requirements, tax departments are under increasing pressures to answer critical “What If?” questions. To be productive, you must have complete confidence in your data and be able to react to rapidly-changing regulatory and compliance landscapes.​

Among its many powerful capabilities ...

Data Processing

Contains tax depreciation and property-related deferred tax functions needed by energy companies.​


Offers high-impact summary reporting, granular data visibility and standard outbound data APIs that ERPs alone can’t deliver.​

Book-to-tax Reconciliation

Simplifies book-to-tax reconciliation, including for multiple sets of books.​


Quickly perform tax depreciation and deferred tax forecasts using actual data as a starting point.

Rules & Regulations

Frequent releases enable quick and efficient responses to evolving tax rules and regulations at both the federal and state levels.​

Data Integration

Translates fixed asset data into tax-relevant attributes and detail.​

Tax Fixed Assets (TFA) is the industry’s leading SaaS Tax Depreciation and Deferred Tax solution for today’s asset intensive companies.

Powerful features and functions let you manage processes efficiently, have complete clarity in your data and effectively forecast your tax strategies… so you know what moves to make, when.

PowerPlan's Income Tax History

Decades of history supporting clients on complex tax depreciation and deferred tax needs. 


First PowerTax client.


Release of tax depreciation processing logic, known as "Run."


Support for calculating bonus depreciation following the passing of the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002.


Release of book depreciation allocation logic to support the allocation of grouped actual book depreciation to vintaged tax records.


Ability to perform intercompany and intracompany transfers of tax records.


Ability to isolate the timing difference associated with cost of removal into its own records for reporting and calculation purposes.


New functionality introduced to make processing new activity easier – Tax Depreciation Schemas and Tax Retirement Rules.


Complete redesign of PowerTax graphical user interface and introduction of Import Tool as a standardized way to import new activity into the system from spreadsheets.


First customer using PowerTax in the PowerPlan hosted cloud.


Enhanced reporting and logic updates in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


Release of Deferred Tax Reconciliation Tool to simplify the process of ensuring deferred taxes are in balance within the system.


New ability to separately track excess deferred taxes related to specific corporate tax rate changes, and ability to easily change excess deferred taxes to reverse using the Reverse South Georgia method.


Launch of Tax Fixed Assets, PowerPlan’s next generation income tax solution and the successor to the functionality that existed in PowerTax.


First customers live using Tax Fixed Assets.

TFA Webinars for PowerPlan's Client Tax Professionals

Tax Fixed Assets: Your Questions Answered

PowerPlan experts answer customer-submitted questions about TFA’s functionality, benefits and key features.

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Tax Fixed Assets (TFA): An Introduction to PowerPlan’s Next Generation Income Tax Solution

Join our income tax experts in this brief, fast-paced webinar to learn how Tax Fixed Assets, one of our newest SaaS solutions, can help you meet those demands and manage deferred tax and depreciation on your fixed assets more strategically.

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