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Tax Provision
Income Tax Accounting Built for Regulated Industries

Do your provision accruals take too long during critical month-end close windows? 

Preparing an income tax provision is complicated and time-consuming. PowerPlan’s Tax Provision module is purpose-built to handle the income tax accounting needs of regulated companies, enabling tax departments to focus on valuable analysis while minimizing risk. It can help you optimize tax strategy and drive productivity with its ability to handle diverse jurisdictional and accounting requirements, to minimize manual workloads via automation and robust reporting suite.​

Built to meet the needs of the most complex companies.

With flexibility to handle diverse jurisdictional and accounting requirements, automation to minimize manual workload and robust reporting to provide in-depth insights on your data, PowerPlan can help you optimize tax strategy and drive productivity.  

Compliance for Regulated and Non-Regulated Companies

Supports ASC 740 and ASC 980 requirements with necessary calculations and journal entries.​


Robust reporting suite – including FERC reports – enables detailed regulatory, financial and management reporting.​

Tax Item Automation

Minimizes manual processes through built-in interfaces that allow tax departments to load tax item activity from various sources.​

Consolidated Tax Adjustments

Facilitates consolidated tax adjustments through configurable calculations calculations, including interim reporting entries and unitary tax return calculations.

Tax Basis Balance Sheet

Improves data visibility and tax basis reconciliation by leveraging balances from book accounts and timing differences from Provision data within the built-in Tax Basis Balance Sheet (TBBS).​

Security Enforcement

Meet Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and data integrity requirements with application- and module-level security entitlements.​

Automating Your AMT Calculations

Rick Briamonte, Solutions Architect Income Tax, and Eric Berger, Manager Income Tax, walk through how PowerPlan's Provision module can automate Alternative Minimum Tax calculations in an engaging webinar presented for PowerPlan's Client Tax Professionals.

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