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Departmental Budgeting

While capital budgeting is a core process for your organization, the budgeting engine requires key components to run at top output and efficiency, Departmental Budgeting is a key component. 

Enable your organization to build a complete bottom-up budget, delivering real-time visibility into all costs so stakeholders can clearly see impacts to overall finance performance. Driver-based budgeting tools allow organizations to evolve their budgeting capabilities including labor and overhead allocations, labor balancing, and tools to sync actuals for streamlining budget management. 

Evolve your budgeting function.

Transaction Transparency

Budgeted transactions adhere to a configurable budget-level accounting key, facilitating comparisons between budgets and actuals, and integration with capital budgets for improved decision making. 

Integrated Ecosystem

Prebuilt integrated with PowerPlan portfolio of products streamlines the planning process and ensures alignment with your Capital Budgeting & Forecasting, Plant Accounting and your Tax functions. 

Driver Based

A driver-based approach allows you to build a bottom-up budget for any account, including labor, vehicles, equipment, etc. 

Allocations Engine

Budget allocations engine mimics the actual allocations and enables what-if analysis and outlook or expectancy calculations. 

Robust Analytics

Empower management and analysts with graphic and reporting tools, communicate status updates to key stakeholders with unmatched clarity. 

Alerts & Dashboards

Automatic notifications and dashboards make it easy for project stakeholders to monitor data and efficiently manage their budgets. 

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