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Lease Accounting
Lessee & Lessor

Since leasing impacts were shifted to the balance sheet, the maintenance of accurate leasing information has become a critical need for companies across industries​.

The on-going management of leasing portfolios represents a significant effort for companies. Functionality to support compliance reporting, contract amendments and consistent close processing is of paramount importance.​

Among its many powerful solutions...

Lessee & Lessor Accounting

Consistent and repeatable processing as the lessee or lessor with outcomes supporting ASC 842, IFRS 16 and FERC requirements.

Lifecycle Management

Manage agreements through initial in-servicing, remeasurements and end-of-life processing. 

Disclosure Reporting

Purpose built reporting to align with ASC 842 & IFRS 16 disclosure requirements.​

Simplified Calculations

Automate the full range of lease calculations, from simplistic to the most complex, including variable rate and dynamic lease calculations.

Automated Processes

Reduce audit risk by eliminating manual tasks, ensuring accurate billing, reporting and documentation.

Streamlined Monthly Closing

Simplifies month end processing with accurate, automatically generated and appropriate accounting entries.​

PowerPlan’s Lease solutions help companies reach and maintain accounting compliance. 

Whether serving as the lessee or lessor, our lease accounting solutions allow you to efficiently manage and report on leasing agreements with consistent, automated and accounting-compliant results.​

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