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Reimbursables & Refunds

Automate the end-to-end workflow of reimbursable projects and work orders from a centralized location to support billing, advance contracts and refunds.​

The Reimbursables module allows you to accurately track construction costs to facilitate receiving payments for work. Results from Reimbursables then automatically flow from accounting to tax and may be integrated directly with external billing systems.​

Among its many powerful capabilities...

Billing Groups

Organizes work orders and reimbursable methods by customer contracts to facilitate data management, traceability and the application of overheads.​

Integration with A/R & A/P Systems

Seamless generation of customer invoices, maintenance of customer lists and journal entry creation.

Configurable Reimbursable Types and Methods

Easily manage your reimbursables and advances with flexible rules and key attributes to drive accounting transactions.​

Advance Refunds

Calculates and track refunds based on defined ratios, statistics and schedules.​

Automated Bill Support

Improves your support of customer invoices with detailed reports to substantiate each reimbursable method.​


Generates complex journal entries that are dependent on work order transactions, timing considerations and contractual or regulatory needs.​

Automated reimbursables process streamlines collections and leads to better returns.

With PowerPlan Reimbursables, you can set up, track, calculate, generate billing data and run detailed reports of reimbursable projects (e.g., developers, DOT or damage claims). PowerPlan Refunds handles the setup, tracking, calculation, review and reporting of refundable contracts to a third party (e.g., developer advances)​

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