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Revenue Requirement Analysis

Informed regulatory strategy starts with clarity and confidence in the numbers.

PowerPlan enables you to model your utility’s cost of service to support regulatory and financial planning, prepare and submit a rate case or analyze regulatory performance throughout your fiscal period. Using detailed transactions in PowerPlan’s charge repository, our Revenue Requirement Analysis module enables user-friendly data transformations from financial to jurisdictional views including allocations and user-defined cost of service calculations. Systematize planning and performance monitoring by using budget or forecast data and actuals. ​

A powerful platform to elevate your team to the next level…

Data Transformation

Quickly transform financial to jurisdictional regulatory data through a user-configurable model with built-in data validations and reconciliations.​

Robust Allocation Engine

Define how data is allocated to your utilities, jurisdictions, functions, cost recovery mechanisms and customer classes through statistical inputs or defined data attributes to create dynamic or static allocators.​

Configurable Jurisdictional Templates

Create and modify the categorization for your cost recovery model and revenue requirement analysis by company, jurisdiction, function or customer class.​

Scenario & Case Analysis

Perform side-by-side impact analysis of potential rate case outcomes, forecast scenarios or accounting actuals against filed or budget cases.​

Data & Model Transparency

Enables your accountants and analysts to track and audit costs from reports to source transactions, allowing quick and informative variance and driver analysis.​ 

Cost of Service Modeling

From the detailed data to calculated revenue requirement, PowerPlan enables your accountants to focus their time on understanding the results instead of preparing them. 

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