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Amp-up your asset management planning.

Today’s heightened focus on asset management, combined with new industry standards such as ISO55000, brings new challenges to organizations of all sizes. Traditional methods of asset management simply don’t provide the comprehensive view of assets that stakeholders need, making it difficult to achieve operational and planning objectives. At the same time, disparate data sources and legacy spreadsheets further stifle planning and analytical processes.

PowerPlan’s Asset Management Planning Suite simplifies the process. It aligns closely with ISO55000 and PAS 55 specifications, and integrates with your existing systems to give you a complete picture of your organization’s asset health. Performing strategic, long-range asset, risk and budget planning, provides the information and control you need to align your asset strategy with overall organizational goals.

  • Asset and project views capture and document the business cases for both asset-based and needs-based projects.
  • All assets and projects are supported with any attribution, details and calculation your organization requires.
  • Fully configurable tools match your specific needs for workflows, policies and processes.
  • Ease of integration to your corporate ERP, EAM and GIS systems, or any other asset related tools.
  • Scenarios and “what if” analysis let you evaluate an unlimited number of portfolio investment approaches. Scenarios can be analyzed against each other to help identify the best investment strategy.
  • Formatted asset management plans can be generated with the click of a button to provide complete, defensible and evidence-based support for your organization’s future activities and investments as well as regulatory filings.
  • Web-based software with on premise and hosted/cloud options.
  • Service and support covers everything from implementation and training to ongoing technical support.

Asset Investment Planning (AIP)

PowerPlan’s Asset Investment Planning module makes it easy for planners, directors and decision makers to develop and prioritize defensible, asset-based plans that support strategic objectives.

By integrating with your existing systems, the module provides real-time visibility into all of your costs, allowing stakeholders to monitor how projects impact overall financial performance. It enables you to run multiple scenarios so you can evaluate short-term and long-range impacts to determine the optimal investment strategy. You can assess how each project or program aligns with corporate objectives, determine where it falls within the risk register, and see how costs affect the overall plan.

  • Clear line of sight between capital plans and corporate objectives.
  • Project prioritization tools simplify weighting, pair-wise comparison and testing of prioritization formulas.
  • Portfolio optimization determines the best schedule for executing projects based on multiple variables, including cost, benefits, risk and strategic alignment.
  • Risk-based decision making tool evaluates how different investment portfolios reduce risk under a spending threshold.
  • Project optimizer lets you quickly view your optimal project approach over time based on the criteria that matters most to your organization, including risk, level of service, budget and available resources. 

Asset Decision Support (ADS)

PowerPlan’s Asset Decision Support module provides a clear and comprehensive view of your organization’s asset health. It delivers all the information and support you need to build an asset management plan within your organization’s optimal financial and risk profiles, with a direct line of sight to your strategic objectives.

  • Asset register provides details about all in service or planned assets, including asset type, location, condition and inspection history. The register relates assets together to develop synergies between strategies, and enables managers to explore the short and long-term impacts of strategic decisions.
  • Configurable predictive strategies for all types of assets take into account age, condition and risk of failure.
  • Event and demand forecasting based on individual asset age, condition and risk lets you develop asset work plans that forecast repair, renewal and replacement activities.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation tools measure the risk of failure through an understanding of an asset’s location, age and condition, allowing you to mitigate risk by building asset management plans that address high-risk assets.
  • CAPEX/OPEX tool enables finance to identify, analyze and track costs, benefits and savings associated with assets and projects.
  • Risk-based decision making tool evaluates how different investment portfolios reduce risk under a spending threshold.
  • Automated plans can be generated with a variety of outputs, providing complete, defensible and evidence-based support for your organization’s future activities and investments.