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PowerPlan Launches Data Hub APIs to Give Energy Companies Added Flexibility and Control in Analyzing Their Data

ATLANTA – (January 4, 2023) – PowerPlan, Inc., a leading provider of financial software and solutions for the energy industry, today announced the launch of its newest technology solution, Data Hub, a collection of proprietary SaaS-based APIs (application programming interfaces) designed specifically for the demanding data requirements of utility and energy companies. 

Data Hub’s intuitively organized data libraries ensure PowerPlan data can be easily accessed, understood and readily consumed by the business. Its web-service APIs are curated to surface the most needed data with easy-to-understand labeling. This makes it easier than ever for business users and IT alike to import their PowerPlan data for distribution into data warehouses, BI (business intelligence) tools, spreadsheet applications or other data processing applications. 

With a simplified data model built specifically for reporting and analysis, teams no longer have to write SQL or be data experts to get the most out of their data. This simplified, clearly organized model helps to onboard new employees and data consumers faster. It also gives users confidence in the data accuracy and analysis being performed, all of which are important for companies that face evolving compliance requirements and increasing scrutiny from regulators. Like all new PowerPlan enabling technologies, Data Hub is compatible with both on-premise and cloud environments to give businesses maximum flexibility in their unique cloud transformation journey. 

“Our clients, big and small, are living the daily demands of a data-centric world,” explains Suzanne Ward, senior vice president of product management and marketing. “They are being asked to centralize data, distribute accurate, up-to-the minute data to stakeholders and integrate it with other cloud systems at a greater pace than ever before. Their goals include efficiency, scale, greater strategic insights, and for many, a single source of truth for the enterprise. However, this goal creates complexities such as how to operate at scale, keep data secure, integrate with other financial platforms, and get data on demand and in a way that’s consumable by the business. With Data Hub, we’ve done the hard work for our clients by meeting the challenges of managing and integrating their PowerPlan data.” 

In addition to reducing workload and complexity, IT departments can be confident that Data Hub employs state-of-the-art security to safeguard their data in transit and at rest. These self-serve data resources mean less disruptions and fewer third-party vendors for IT to manage, while making it easier to support the broader data strategy of their business.  

For more details, visit the Data Hub web page at or email us at