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Finally, Book Accounting and tax accounting can get along.

Companies struggle to keep up with continually changing tax regulations. PowerPlan’s Income Tax Suite makes it easy. PowerPlan automates manual processes related to filing income taxes and allows users to track all financial transactions.  In turn, helping companies mitigate compliance risk, improve tax department efficiency, support rigorous tax audits, optimize tax strategies, and manage cash flow. Confidently capture tax repair expense, accurately calculate tax depreciation and deferred taxes, and simplify your monthly provision accrual process in a fully integrated experience.



PowerTax is a tax depreciation and deferred tax system designed specifically for the demanding requirements of asset-intensive companies. PowerTax automates all asset-related tax functionality, including book-to-tax reconciliation, tax depreciation,  and asset-related deferred taxes. The solution also acts as a data gathering and preparation system, collecting and processing book transactions and M-Items using built-in routines. PowerTax integrates directly with PowerPlan’s Fixed Asset, Budgeting, and Tax Repairs systems to allow companies to quickly leverage actual and forecast data for processing. Best of all, the solution also integrates directly with PowerPlan’s Provision system to complete the loop of a full deferred tax subledger with a tax basis balance sheet.

Tax Provision

PowerPlan’s Tax Provision module lets you streamline the monthly accrual process for fast and accurate closes. It makes it easy to determine monthly tax liability across multiple companies, consolidated business segments and tax jurisdictions. The module is designed to help you reduce your accounting risks and turn up the productivity of your tax department. Download more information about PowerPlan's Provision solution. 

Tax Repairs

PowerPlan’s Tax Repairs module is the only software built to simplify the complexity of complying with property tax regulations, allowing you to mitigate risk while analyzing scenarios that could save your company millions in tax liabilities. No wonder it’s become the industry standard, enabling companies to accelerate tax savings, operate more efficiently and reduce their audit risk. Download more about PowerPlan's Tax Repairs solution. 

Learn more about the departments benefiting from PowerPlan's Income Tax Suite: