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An instant 200% ROI. Just one benefit oil and gas companies have experienced with PowerPlan.

Oil and gas companies need to continually evolve whether it’s embracing new business models, expanding their partnerships, acquiring companies or managing their tax obligations even when oil prices are low. 

Executives need to continually meet changing regulatory standards, and stay compliant with the latest FERC requirements all while determining the optimal financial strategy for today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, they struggle to gain a comprehensive view and understand their financial commitments to partners and regulatory agencies. Fortunately, there’s a solution that helps executives achieve their goals and sleep better.

Today, oil and gas companies around the globe count on PowerPlan to layer compliance requirements with granular financial information to make better strategic decisions. Whether it’s developing new tax strategies, optimizing partnerships or balancing all the financial requirements from their regulators, PowerPlan can help. Even better the solution can quickly pay for itself. In fact, one of our customers realized a 200% ROI on day one.

Here are a few companies, we are proud to call our customers: 

Gain Strategic Tax Insights

With assets scattered across the country, companies need to know exactly how they are affected by local, state and national tax laws. By storing detailed tax and location information for each asset, PowerPlan gives you the insights you need to develop the optimal tax strategy on the local and national level. Even better we commit to updating the software when there are regulatory changes, ensuring the company’s continued compliance with tax laws.

Get on Track for Quick Compliance with the New Lease Standards

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Comply with Industry Standards

Stricter regulations require more diligent tracking of assets and costs. PowerPlan provides a complete view of your assets, giving you the accurate information and control you need to align with rules such as FERC, and the FASB and IFRS lease standards. 

Create Defendable Asset Plans

Asset planners need to be able to justify their plans to internal and external stakeholders, including regulators. PowerPlan captures and documents the business cases for both asset-based and needs-based projects, so you can develop defensible plans that optimize capital investments and meet the demands of all stakeholders.

How Utilities Optimize Investment Portfolios with the Visual Leveler

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Can you unlock additional earning potential by tracking multiple sets of financial books? 

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Achieve Financial Transparency

Oil and gas companies need to be able to identify how each business segment is performing including partnerships. PowerPlan provides transparency you need on the asset or project level to understand performance, project costs, tax liabilities, repair requirements and more. This transparency is critical for complex partnership structures where the effect of maintenance versus growth capex can impact distributed cash flow.  

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