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Fueling Financial 
Performance for Oil & Gas

Energy has rapidly become the currency that powers the world

Acquisitions and divestitures. Multiple accounting standards and practices. Diverse tax strategies, driven by local, state and federal requirements. The “greening” of America. PowerPlan can help every financial step along the way...

Beyond Compliance: Optimize Your Tax Strategy

PowerTax is a tax depreciation and deferred tax system designed specifically for the demanding requirements of oil & gas industry. PowerTax automates all asset-related tax functionality, including book-to-tax reconciliation, tax depreciation,  and asset-related deferred taxes. The solution also acts as a data gathering and preparation system, collecting and processing book transactions and M-Items using built-in routines. PowerTax integrates directly with PowerPlan’s Fixed Asset, Provision Budgeting, and Tax Repairs systems to allow companies to quickly leverage actual and forecast data for processing.

  • Automate complex calculations
  • Use what-if analysis to analyze acquisitions, divestitures, and policy changes
  • Defend tax positions with both detailed views and consolidated reporting
  • Meet unique regulatory reporting requirements
  • Simplify forecasting of all tax depreciation, gain/loss and regulated deferred taxes
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Solutions for Your Team

Income Tax      Property Tax      Fixed Assets
Capital Planning & Forecasting      Project Portfolio Cost Management
Asset Investment Optimization


“The granularity of the data in PowerPlan enabled us to align operations, accounting and tax around new tax strategies, the result: 200+% ROI.”    – Tax Director

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Is it possible to be tax aggressive and confidently compliant?

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PowerPlan has a complete book to tax reconciliation and planning tool for partnerships.

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