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Need to do more with less? The public sector does more with PowerPlan.

Everywhere you look, cities, counties and government departments are facing a myriad of financial challenges. They’re under pressure to deliver the services citizens demand, reduce exposure to risk, comply with changing rules and regulations, and do it all with shrinking budgets. 

As a result, decision makers often struggle to get an optimal view of their organization’s financial and operational reality, including their investment needs, resource constraints, and risk of failure using traditional, disconnected systems. Fortunately, there’s a smarter solution. 

Today, an increasing number of governments and public organizations count on PowerPlan for the financial clarity they need to create defendable and optimal asset investment plans that enables them to confidently meet the requirements of their constituents.

Create Defendable Asset Plans

Asset planners need to be able to justify their plans to internal and external stakeholders, including regulators. PowerPlan captures and documents the business cases for both asset-based and needs-based projects, so you can develop defensible plans that optimize capital investments and meet the demands of all stakeholders. 

Manage Project Costs

Controlling the costs associated with on-going large and small public projects can be a big challenge. With PowerPlan, you get the financial transparency you need to closely monitor project actuals, compare them to the plan, identify cost overruns and quickly make adjustments.

Comply with Industry Standards

Stricter regulations require more diligent tracking of assets and costs. PowerPlan provides a complete view of the health of your assets, giving you the accurate information and control you need to align with standards such as ISO 55000, PAS 55, and MAP-21 legislation.