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Stretch budgets to maximize infrastructure investments

Everywhere you look, cities, counties and government departments are facing a myriad of financial and operational challenges. They’re under pressure to deliver the services citizens demand, reduce exposure to risk, and comply with changing rules and regulations within tight budgets. Governments and public organizations count on PowerPlan for the operational and financial clarity they need to create defendable, prioritized asset investment plans enabling them to confidently meet the requirements of their constituents.

Employees and elected officials often struggle to provide constituents with a fact-based plan for infrastructure investments and funding justification.

See how PowerPlan helps:
Government Managers   Asset Planners

PowerPlan supports analysis and investments across these asset types:


The PowerPlan Asset Investment Optimization Suite: 

Reduces Risk with Defendable Asset Plans

PowerPlan helps quantify asset risk for constituents, driving smarter investments that help your organization prevent catastrophic infrastructure failure, while also predicting maintenance and replacement timing for today, tomorrow and the next 100 years.

Prioritizes Infrastructure Investment for Maximum Return

PowerPlan provides a decision framework and scenario analysis, allowing your team to allocate capital fairly for the most effective investments. PowerPlan also helps your organization clearly identify funding gaps so they can be addressed.

Aligns with Organizational Objectives and Industry Standards

PowerPlan allows public organizations to sync their asset investment strategy with requirements for grant programs, as well as regional, national and international asset management standards such as ISO 55000, MAP-21 legislation, EPA Consent decrees.

Optimize your infrastructure plans