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Ever wonder how 
many assets you’re 
taxed on that are no
longer your assets?

Accurate information through the lens of all your different financial books has never been more important. To optimize your company’s performance key decision makers need real-time access to granular data from across the organization, across departments and even across the globe. 

PowerPlan enables organizations of all sizes to leverage data from their ERP, EAM and other financial systems, to create a single, highly detailed platform of required financial information that is visible to all departments. This powerful integration hub automates key accounting functions, and manages the interfaces between all sources of transactions, including the general ledger, project accounting and book depreciation. Through the PowerPlan window, everyone can see the same set of information with relevant layers of rules and regulations, making it easy to ensure your company is compliant. You can find the best financial strategy by running robust “what-if” scenarios. And because every decision and change is tracked in extreme detail, you get a defensible audit trail.

PowerPlan can be deployed on premise or through the cloud, and accessed from any device with an internet connection.

PowerPlan lets key decision makers see the same set of meaningful data through eight different lenses. 

  • Lease Accounting Suite

    PowerPlan provides complete lifecycle accounting for leases and ensures compliance with new standards.

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  • Income Tax Suite

    PowerPlan records all financial transactions related to an asset so you can make better tax decisions. 

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  • Property Tax Suite

    By streamlining the gathering and filing of financial information, PowerPlan ensures your company pays only the appropriate property taxes.

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  • Asset Investment Optimization Suite

    By providing better insight into capital and O&M projects, PowerPlan makes it easy for stakeholders to monitor the impact on overall financial performance. 

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  • Rate Case & ROE Management Suite

    By automating the rate case process, PowerPlan makes it easier to respond to inquiries and justify an increased ROE.

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  • Fixed Assets Suite

    PowerPlan tracks asset data from creation to retirement, and can automate core and specialized accounting activities.

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  • Capital Planning & Forecasting Suite

    PowerPlan improves planning, accuracy and efficiency by aligning budgeting and project management systems with industry best practices. 

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  • Project Portfolio Cost Management Suite

    PowerPlan provides real-time visibility into project costs, and optimizes project management by accurately tracking what has been budgeted, committed and spent.

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