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It’s a delicate balance. You need to make sure your company doesn’t pay too much in taxes, and at the same time, you need to be confident you’re playing by the rules and have all the documentation you need to withstand a stringent audit. Would your company’s tax strategy be more aggressive if you knew you could defend it? Would you appeal a tax assessment if you could support the case?

PowerPlan gives you the confidence you need. By providing better insight into detailed asset information, PowerPlan enables you to pursue a more aggressive tax strategy and optimize financial performance. It can also help you maintain a minimal property tax base by tracking all the information that factors into a valuation, across all jurisdictions, so you can improve your cash flow and take advantage of tax breaks and incentives. 

VP Tax and Senior Tax Accountant

Your job is to minimize your company’s taxes. You need to be able to find tax savings today, and make strategic decisions that will reduce your tax burden in the future. All the while ensuring that your company is 100% in compliance with tax and regulatory agencies. Traditional tax accounting methods don’t make it easy. The same fixed assets can get counted multiple times in different books. It’s virtually impossible to account for variances in the tax codes or regulations between geographies. Inefficient manual process often result in errors in tasks like preliminary closings, utilization, calculation of book and tax interest, and asset retirement obligation.

PowerPlan simplifies the process. By automating tax accounting, PowerPlan quickly and efficiently gets you the accurate financial data you need to minimize taxes and ensure your company is compliant.


PowerPlan Suites for Income and Property Tax

Built on a powerful strategic corporate performance management platform that integrates with existing ERP and EAM systems, PowerPlan tracks critical financial data in extreme detail to give you the clarity you need to make confident decisions. Solution suites specific to your department include: 

  • Property Tax Suite: Automate manual processes, track all transactions for real-time reconciliation of the book and tax value, and easily run scenarios to improve strategic decision making. 
  • Income Tax Suite: Automate manual processes related to income tax filings, track all financial transactions, and easily run scenarios to improve strategic decision making.
  • Capital Planning and Forecasting Suite: Get better insight into capital, operations and maintenance projects, and the data to drive smarter, more confident future project plans.
  • Rate Case and ROE Management Suite: Proactively manage complex rate case processes with more time to react to business changes and make adjustments through fast and accurate insight into regulatory financials.
  • Insights Analytics and Reporting Suite: Spend less time collecting and formatting critical financial data and more time gaining actionable insights for faster and more confident decision-making.

See how we're helping with income & property tax:

“Because we had the data needed to substantiate the property tax audit, we improved our EPS by .03.”

– CEO, Oil and Gas Company

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Use GIS Data to Better Manage Property Taxes.

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“The granularity of the data in PowerPlan enabled us to align operations, accounting and tax around new tax strategies, the result: 200+% ROI.”

– Tax Director, EQT