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PowerPlan Announces Latest Tax Solution to Help Companies With Complex Partnerships Optimize Their Tax Strategy

ATLANTA – (September 19, 2017) – PowerPlan announces the availability of Tax Fixed Assets, the newest cloud-based solution for companies with complex partnerships and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) in the oil and gas industry, which enables organizations to develop the best tax strategy for their business.

Today, tax departments are faced with a number of business challenges. They are required to stay abreast of ever changing tax standards and manage organizational costs. Additionally, companies structured as partnerships must track and maintain separate and integrated compliance reports for tax purposes. When you layer in the complexity of asset ownership, mergers, acquisitions and divestures, tax departments become overwhelmed and strategy takes a back seat.

“PowerPlan’s Tax Fixed Assets solution was purpose-built to help businesses, especially partnerships or MLPs, to be tax compliant and tax aggressive at the same time,” says Nick Alexander, Senior Product Manager. “This innovative solution leverages best-practices for financial optimization and control, automates calculations and delivers robust what-if scenarios so companies can remain compliant with the most recent federal, state and local tax regulations, while providing the flexibility to take an aggressive position.”

A complete, SaaS-based tax depreciation and deferred tax software solution designed to handle multiple sets of books with a single entry, PowerPlan Tax Fixed Assets acts as an intelligent tax data gathering and preparation tool. The solution automates and optimizes all fixed assets across the organization, including book reconciliation, tax depreciation, depletion and deferred taxes. For more information about Tax Fixed Assets, visit