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PowerPlan releases new visualization and analytics solution, which monitors KPIs

Introducing PowerPlan Insights

Atlanta (October 25, 2016) PowerPlan, the leading compliance provider of regulatory, budgeting and tax solutions for asset-intensive organizations, today announces its newest solution, PowerPlan Insights.

PowerPlan Insights enables customers to spend less time collecting and formatting critical financial data and more time gaining actionable insights for faster and easier decision-making.

For more than 20 years, PowerPlan has helped asset-intensive organizations identify data anomalies and prioritize activities to ensure the maximum return on their time and resources and financial requirements. Utilizing this experience, PowerPlan created the Insights solution with user-defined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to each user’s role. Executives can monitor high-level financial performance and key KPIs, accountants can respond to data requests, project managers can quickly and easily access all of their projects, and tax accountants can confirm proper income and property tax liabilities and payments.

All of this critical information is delivered through interactive, visual dashboards. Insights’ module level dashboards allow users to drill down into the details of current data to support decision making and drive improved financial results. Additionally, non-technical users can create their own dashboards and reports, exploring all of the data within PowerPlan, to generate presentation level reports directly out of the solution without assistance from IT.

Offered on the PowerPlan Cloud Platform, the application can be accessed through any web browser allowing users to monitor dashboards and reports at their convenience.

For more information about PowerPlan Insights, visit